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About Me?

This is awkward. Talking about ourselves can be very difficult because we feel like we never really see ourselves clearly. What would you like to hear? How much I love photography? How much I love people? Would you like to hear about my marriage to a man who woke me up to the fact that real love warms the soul? How about that I feel way too young to be an empty nester and need more to do? Maybe a few obscure facts about me?

My favorite word in the English language is delicious. Why, you ask? Because it's so much fun to say. Say it with it with me slowly...DE-LISH-OUS. See? Fun!

My favorite book is, and always will be, Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman (Specifically Song of Myself). The way he describes everything in that book plays out like a movie in my mind that is on a never ending reel. My copy of that book is thoroughly worn out. Actually, it's been awhile since I've read it ….again. Excuse me while I….

Ok! I’m back! My favorite band playing right now? Nope. Not even going there. There are too many to choose from! I have never been selective when it comes to music. One of my favorite things in this life is driving in my car with the windows down and the wind blowing through my hair while the music is blasting and I'm singing at the top of my lungs.

I sing. A lot. All the time. My husband says I sing to every single song ever made. Let’s be honest, that’s not possible, but I do have to say I even sing to songs I don’t like. It's an uncontrollable habit.

Now ask me if I'm a good singer? Who cares? That’s what I love to do! I only hope that I have passed this down to my son. 

Spare time? Not sure there is such a thing for a woman these days. I like to call myself a handyman of part time jobs. The winters can be very long in Minnesota and now that I have no small children to raise I take on odd jobs here and there. I have in the past taken desk jobs and retail jobs and even a call center job once. When I have time after all this I like to golf with my husband and I hope to travel more in the future! That’s what makes up any spare time I may have. Oh, and a baseball or football game (live or on tv, makes no difference). And reading…have I mentioned I like to read?

Don’t get me started on the list of books I like. Let's say this, I'm a sucker for a happy ending. I may come across as strong, maybe even brazen at times, but I am a sucker for a happily ever after! Give me a movie, or a book, with a happy ending and you have a happy woman here!

That’s what I love about being a photographer. I get to capture the happily ever afters...the delicious memories...the precious lyrics of your life. The next chapter, the one that is happening right now? It's only the beginning!

Give me a call at (218) 330-7846….I would love to chat with you!

Photo cred: Top two images by Andrea Baumann, Middle two images Brad Raymond, Last two images Trystan Richardt

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