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What should you expect when you book a session with Luminous Prints Photography? Here are some hints that can help guide you!

Contact me by e-mail or phone call.

You can reach me at (218) 330-7846 or use this link to email. Please let me know a date you were hoping for so I can check availability. Also, please let me know the size of the group so that I can schedule the appropriate amount of time to photograph everything you were hoping to capture. The scheduling of the session can be tricky. Please take into consideration any nap or feeding times for children, or anyone for that matter! The goal is to make this an enjoyable experience for everyone!

On-location photography is my primary business.

In your home, or a setting that is comfortable for everyone. I will arrive at your home or the chosen location a few minutes early. As a mother and photographer for many years, I know some children can be shy around new people. I always respect a child’s personal space and gently work on getting them to open up to me and my camera. First, you’ll see me get down on their level and introduce myself. If they are old enough, I will ask them their name and ask them what some of their favorite things are! If we are in your home, I will ask them to show me their toys. If we are outdoors, I will ask them to run, jump and play. Kids need to explore their surroundings, and above all, I want this to be FUN for them. I want to present you with images of your child that are natural and real! I will take cues from your child and, hopefully, they’ll be sad when the session ends!

What to wear? I hear this a lot! Solid colors always work the best. You can often use large prints, but I would suggest one or two toned apparel. Quite honestly, wear what you are comfortable in. Your comfort level will show on the camera, so please, wear something you like and you feel great in! The goal is to have you feel like yourself, and as comfortable as possible, at all times. This is true for all types of portrait sessions, whether the subject is you, a graduate or a small child.

I feel it must be said here. I will come with a general idea of posing you and your family but having said that I usually want you more relaxed and natural, me barking out orders is not relaxing for you or your family. Of course scheduling for the right times in everyone's day is extremely important. I will gently nudge you in the right direction on what I see and how I would like it to look but if your looking for a perfect set up perhaps a studio photographer is more your style. Think about what you want showcased in your house and online and then communicate with me about your wants and desires for your session, doing this will ensure a successful and enjoyable session. If you like a more carefree style of posing and more relaxed atmosphere, I am definitely your gal!


You will receive an email with a link to an online proof gallery of all approved images. One of the definitions of “Proof” is “a trial run of something.” Please understand that the images you see in your proof gallery will have some base line color correction and saturation adjustments made, but no retouching will be done until an order has been placed for that image. Please see the examples of the differences between a proof and a final image below.

Proof vs. Final Image

  • Proof


  • Final Image

    Final Image

Ordering final images.

Ordering in person.

We can meet in person at your home to look over available room and what you were hoping to accomplish. We can discuss print sizing, products available, such as photo books or large canvas prints for specific walls, and any special retouching you would like to discuss. (This is available to people with in a 25 mile radius of my town, anyone needing an in-person ordering session over 25 miles away may be charged a travel fee).

Online ordering.

All Sessions and Weddings will have an Online Gallery. From here, you can order al a carte based on what your needs are. I previously offered package pricing, but realized that it was hindering my clients from ordering what was best for them.

NOTE: If at any time you utilize a special I am running that has “Proof” in the wording there will not be any special retouching done and as defined previously you will receive an image that has been color corrected and has adjusted saturation. You will also only be able to print up to a 5x7 from a Proof CD as well.

Also know that if you order online, I will not forgo communication. Chances are, I may get in touch with you regarding your online order to discuss anything special you were hoping for! There are some things that are easier to communicate in person i.e. photo-books, framed prints where spacing on a wall or with in the portrait is important, so I would encourage an in-person ordering session. These can take about 30-60 minutes depending on your needs.


After you have ordered I try to make sure everything is quality checked and the end product will look as expected! I will have them delivered either by mail or in person as necessitated.

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